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Tips for Editing Instagrammable Photos Taken From Your Digital Camera

    Does the process of editing your Instagram images leave you bewildered and wondering, “What the fuck is going on here?”? It may seem like some complex Mage wizardry, but making feed-worthy pictures is actually much easier than you might imagine. If you can get the hang of a few simple tools, you’ll soon be editing like an expert.

    Also, to make posts fit for Instagram, you really do not require any kind of advanced editing program. All the information you need to know about altering pictures is right here!

    Instagram Photo Editing: The Concise Guide

    Having an IG-worth photos is one way to have more IG likes. Visiting will also give your IG profile more numbers of likes and followers.

    1. Get the Shot Right First

    Make sure you have a good shot taken from your digital camera before you begin editing it on Instagram. Why? Because if the photo is grainy, badly composed, or fuzzy, no amount of adjusting the exposure or colors will help.

    2. Make Better Use of Crop and Straighten to Your Work

    One of the simplest ways to enhance your images is by cropping them. In a flash, you can eliminate unwanted subjects (finally, say farewell to photobombers), sharpen your focus, and play with composition to your heart’s content. Finally, check that the horizon is level in every shot! Your photos will be taken to the next level with this easy tip.

    3. Clean Up Individual Photos

    Are you annoyed by the presence of bothersome dust on your photos? If you wish to get rid of any imperfections, use your editing app’s spot-removing tool. You can use the same instrument to eliminate unsightly stains from clothing, pimples from the forehead, or anything else that may be a nuisance.

    Invest in a sophisticated program like Photoshop if you wish to eliminate larger items, such as people. It comes with a number of instruments that can accomplish the task at hand without leaving any visible evidence.

    4. Change the White Balance

    No way. The worst kind of lighting is fluorescent! As a result, pictures take on a horrible yellow hue and lose their vivid colors. To reduce the overly yellowish tone in an indoor shot, simply apply the white balance adjustment. It will assist you in adjusting the color scheme of your image.

    5. Do the Trick with Exposure and Contrast

    The photo editing tool have an exposure slider. Use that to adjust the overall photos brightness and darkness. On the other hand, you can also adjust the contrast by experimenting various shades of light and dark.

    6. Modify Saturation and Vibrancy of Colors

    Adjusting the color saturation and vibrancy of your IG images will result in a more or less popped colors. So, be moderate in adjusting colors in that aspect.

    Photos will appear strange if the saturation and vibrancy are too high.

    To make each slider slightly better than the original, that’s what you should do.

    7. Regulate the Colors of Your IG Photos

    Ensure having consistent grid tones by utilizing photo editing tools. Play with each color’s brightness and saturation.

    8. Work with Sharpness

    Increasing the sharpness of your shot will result in a crisper or cleaner photo. Cut down on sharpness for a dreamier, softer edit.

    Key Take Away

    Lots of new Instagrammers have a wrong connotation of the difficulty in editing IG-worth images. The guide above entails good recommendations in using basic editing tools to enhance your photos, rather than relying on complicated software. So, take this as your first step in leveling up your IG likes and followers.